The "oil bidness" is ingrained in Texans, through generations of working families in the patch, and, for all of us, our landscapes of rigs and refineries, flares on the night sky and pump jacks in the pasture.

I posted a pic of my friend Lisa inspecting one that’s pumping for her oil company. Not exactly the clanking ones I remember from the past. Despite the Hollywood portrayals of gushers and dirty polluters, oil is a high tech leader.

Lisa inspecting a pumping jack

After decades of exploring for oil, Texas companies have developed the tech to go get what they know is there. And they’re doing it.

The Texas Petro Index reports records for 2013—industry employment, natural gas revenues, crude oil production (up 120% since 2007).

Texas accounts for almost one-third of all U.S. oil production. That’s why we call it Texas Tea.