Have you ever thought about a Red Velvet Waffle or how about an Armadillo Egg?

These are the creations of some hometown chefs who are vying for “Texas Best” in a competition sponsored by our homegrown Texas grocery chain HEB.

The century old grocery chain prides itself on featuring Lone Star State products and there’s no shortage of Texans who want to feature those for the rest of us to try.

Contest entries came from across the state and the finalists include 6 from Houston, including chef DeeDee Coleman’s DEElicious Red Velvet Waffle Batter. 

Dwayne LeJune’s Armadillo Eggs from Western Grillers in Friendswood are several varieties of stuffed jalapenos. Yum.

The winners receive cash prizes, but you win too, from the store shelves as HEB Primo Picks.

Hometown talent and ingenuity ….that is truly Texas.