This one’s for the Girls!..... and the girl in us, no matter what age.  I’m talkin’ shoes here.  We love ‘em, we flaunt them, yeah, we buy them whether we need them just because we like them.

Shoes make girls happy.  And that’s why I snapped a photo of sisters Ava, Carson and Cate (9, 11, 9) we’ll call them “fashiontweenstas”.

 What glam on their feet….sequined, pink, silver and gold boots ….while grabbing a bite with their parents one evening. I see their future in my own friends.

At a book club gathering, glittery boots on my friend Sybil, and every foot in that circle sported something you men wouldn’t even consider buying out of real fashion need.

Fashionistas or Fashiontweenstas…. 9 to 90….. it’s the SHOES, Baby.