Our house seems very quiet now.  Remy, our gorgeous, loving and loyal golden retriever is gone. A stroke cut her down just months shy of her 15th birthday.

What a life she lived and shared and gave.  I’ve posted some photos of a puppy who never met a chew toy or a mud puddle she didn’t want to storm. She was always an active companion, but always a caring one.  In my own life challenges of the past 15 years, Remy kept me constant and focused on living as she did, with a smile on her face and happiness with each new day, concern and caring in her eyes for what she sensed around her, a readiness to confront the unknown and deal with it, in her own golden way.

A friend tells me, “All dogs go to heaven”.  I hope that’s true. 

What she was here on Earth is certainly worthy of it.  Mission accomplished, Remy.