Telling the guys on Houston’s Morning News about my big weekend …..down country.  It started early Saturday morning in Moulton, Texas at the Chaloupka household.  Yes, making strudel.  I rolled up a couple of whoppers filled with added surprise like cherries, chocolate and even heath bars.  We added jalapeno to one… a taste test proved pretty good.

Leeann from Cypress (above).

Helen and Marilyn (above).

Sausage making (above).

Domino tournament (above).

Then it was outdoors to the sausage making.  I’ll spare details on that, other than my 40 pounds of beef, pork, buffalo mix is my best yet!

On Sunday, it was the State Championship Domino Tournament in Hallettsville.  In its 61st year drawing the best of the best.  It’s a cut-throat competition, though largely silent except for the sound of the rocks being shuffled.

It was a great weekend.  As the boss said, “Yeah, you sure know how to party”.

Photos by Shara Fryer.