Our audience on Houston’s Morning News knows that Matt Patrick is on the border….I’m not talking his usual border of propriety or even border of sanity here….I mean the Texas-Mexico border.  Matt is in the Valley, ranging across Weslaco, Pharr, McAllen, Brownsville, seeing what the President declined to see and reporting back to us what he is able to learn there. 

Matt and Shara Tuesday morning. Photo by Rachel Estrada

So Wednesday through Friday you need to tune in for the real take on the border crisis that many say is rapidly becoming border disintegration and true invasion of the United States and Texas.

It was Matt’s idea and desire to broadcast from there.  He doesn’t like me to call him a natural newsman, certainly not an investigative reporter.  So I’ll fall back on cowboy culture and say, “Godspeed and go, get‘em!”, to our very own Lone Ranger.