Sometimes the best story is the sidebar or the back story and this week that is especially true in sports.  For instance, the U.S. defeat in the World Cup still had the golden burnish of goal keeper Tim Howard with a record-setting 16 saves. What a triumph.

And what about Rufus? He’s definitely the most talked about sidebar of Wimbledon. Rufus, the trained hawk, patrols the courts before and after the matches to scare away the pigeons.  Before Rufus, well, the pigeons didn’t make much of a story, just a mess.

And then there’s Phillip McCullach.  The Marine veteran was nearly killed last September outside a Galveston bar.  Stabbed in the neck, he was told he wouldn’t regain use of his arm for years.  He threw the first pitch at the Astros/Mariners game Tuesday night with that arm.

Yes, those are highlights.