Birthday greetings and good wishes extended to our fellow Houstonian, former President George H.W. Bush.  He’s 90….and celebrating, this year, with his large and loving family, who also weighed in on a documentary about him.  41 testimonials about  the 41st President  airs this weekend on CNN.

Ten years ago, it was “41 at 80” and Mr. Bush celebrated that birthday with the entire city…. at Minute Maid Park and with his trademark skydive in College Station.  At the President’s invitation, I took the skydiving plunge with “his boys”, the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights.  That free fall at 19,000 feet is posted as well as the photo of my thanks to “41” for leading  the way.

Shara skydiving for Bush 41's birthday, 2004.

The video...



Shara at Bush 41's birthday 2004 

Photos provided by KTRH's Shara Fryer.