It certainly was a birthday celebrated…..I’m not talking about the President’s birthday, but here in Houston… an important birthday for one local grandmother. You be the judge of whether she looks eligible for Social Security, because Karen Freedman cuts quite a figure on the dance floor, and everywhere, actually. 

But, no surprise that this accomplished dancer chose “Disco Inferno” as a party theme and downtowners at the House of Blues got a hint of that from the git go…a’ go-go…greeted on the sidewalk by 70’s era go-go on stilts.

Inside it was party-goers in flashy,  costumes of that decade….some squeezed into disco cages, some squeezed into the very clothes they wore 40 years ago….quite a few Elvis looks, but it was the Richard Nixon who jogged my memory the most.  ……..and the dancing shoes.  I’d forgotten all those platforms…lifts…for men.  What was that all about anyway? 

Now, back to the future…2014.