The Galveston Beach goes to the dogs. As the news release says, “Unleashing fun”, with the second annual SURF DOG Competition. 

Yep, it’s a grab your boards and your furry friends benefit for the Galveston Island Humane Society, sponsored by the Ohana Surf & Skate Shop.

Now, this has long been a California- sort- of- thing.  If I knew the cool surfer talk, I’d throw that in about now.  Let’s just stick with “hanging twenty” strikes me as a hilarious way to spend some time.  Who doesn’t need that in these days of unrelenting troubles across the world?

I’m wondering which breed shows the greatest surfing ability…you’d think that. muscle and low center of gravity would help, think Rottweiler or Bulldog. Beagles probably too busy chasing the beach bunnies.   But I wouldn’t count out the Labs…. Those dudes are always off the Richter. Here’s to hanging tongue, hanging twenty in Galveston.