Texans are accused of, and even reviled for….bragging. To that we say, it ain’t braggin’, if it’s fact.

And here’s a fact:  Texans do flaunt. Look no further than the license plates on the vehicle in front of you.

In November of 2009 , the company My Plates was tasked by TxDMV to raise money for state services at no cost to taxpayers, guaranteeing a return of 25 million dollars over 5 years.

They have and months inside the time limit. More than 25 million bucks have gone into the General Revenue Fund and thousands have gone to charities and scholarships too.  Think of the auction of the 12THMAN plate for 115-thousand dollars last year.

More than 199,000 Texas vehicles flaunt it with specialty plates now.  I suspect that’s just a start.