Some of you may wonder why something as vaunted as a Texas State Championship might be named “Fiddlers Frolics”.   While the double F is a good graphic on a fiddle’s design, it has more to do with the actual atmosphere and culture of my hometown of Hallettsville and surrounding Lavaca County.  When the State Championship was founded there in 1971, the persistent sound of polka bands was…and arguably, still is the norm.

How to crown a champion from incredible fiddlers all across the state in a town of oom-pah?  Just by being what you are.  Czech and German culture and hospitality has proven the winner for the Fiddlers Frolics as the contest has grown over the decades to pull in competitors for both the state and the out-of-state “Gone to Texas” titles.

And the contest this weekend, sponsored by Shiner Beer, kicks off, appropriately with the “Accordion Cowboy” performing….i have a link to that at

Click the photo for the Texas Czechs!=


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Posted by Chris Rybak on Monday, April 10, 2017