Just the sort of story that jumps out at you:  An Australian woman saves her blind chicken by performing CPR.  Yes, on the bird.

Chooky Wooky got blown into the family’s backyard pool, just didn’t see it comin’.

Roberta Rapo scooped the chicken out of the water, thinking she was a lost cause, but started pumping her chest and blowing air down her beak.  Picture it.

Roberta’s daughter just wouldn’t her mom give up the effort.  Mom pumped and blowed for 3 hours on Chooky Wooky, who shocked her to no end by suddenly hopping back to life.  The nearly drowned chicken repaid the effort too, promptly laying an egg after being revived.

I just had to get a look at Chooky Wooky and we’ve posted it on Connected.