If you missed it, you need to go to KTRH.com to find Matt Patrick’s hilarious rant on Houston’s Morning News.

It’s about dads, actually “daddies”…the fathers who raise daughters (Matt has two daughters, by the way) under a code of conduct that a couple of professors have labeled “benevolent sexism”.

Oh, no, an “ism”.  That must be bad?  As Matt explains, benevolent sexism is when you treat your daughter as someone special.  You support her financially, encourage her femininity, treat her with courtesy, and the result?

The researchers found those daughters actually grow into women of great self-esteem and confidence. And in my own case, because I did have that kind of daddy, I would add independence.

Shara Fryer's father, Cliff Fryer (above).

Just call me BOBS, a beneficiary of benevolent sexism. 

Photos provided by Shara Fryer.