Just call me a Kicker, because my love for Rodeo Houston goes beyond the concerts, the rodeo action, the food, the carnival, even the Corral Club and shopping. Well, I do shop…. (and my new cowhide apron will be great when I’m sausage-,-making)

Shara shopping (above)

International Committee Chair (above). Photo by Shara Fryer

But for me it’s always been about the people. It’s an amazing fact that the world’s largest rodeo, trade show, ag exposition, add wine competition and scholarship generator and broadcaster is run by a rather small professional staff with the help of now 27,500 volunteers. (I remember when it was only 3500 of us.)

Rodeo Committee crowd. Photo by Shara Fryer

Yep, I’m one and have been since 1985. Our international committee met last night. Friendships and working partnerships developed through Rodeo, and among people of all walks of life. We host the world to Rodeo Houston.