The headlines scream the cost of raising a child.  According to the US Department of Agriculture, if you have a baby now, it will cost you 245,000 dollars to feed, clothe, shelter,  educate and provide for your child to adulthood….and that’s not counting college costs.

Yikes!  Matt Patrick on Houston’s Morning News guesses it’s even higher than that. No wonder we so often report that young couples, in this economic malaise in America, are putting off having children. That’s a troubling issue if a country is to survive.

A listener alerted me to what should be a turn in the statement, that it doesn’t have to cost that much to raise a child. The government numbers are an average, and roll in the highs of a parent who speeds hundreds on a fancy stroller, or those with a single child.  

Parents do have the ability to make decisions to determine their own costs of raising children.  To not have kids at all?  What price is that?

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