All it took was a birthday wish from her 6 year old son….and an author arose.

Texan Margaret Parker is tiny in stature; so  is her husband.  Her son’s birthday wish was to grow tall. And that’s the genesis of ‘A Tall Texas Tale’, about a little boy who wishes to be as tall in feet as his age in years, and he actually starts growing a foot each year after that.

Eventually, in this tall tale the boy outgrows normal buildings and has to stay in the barn.  He becomes a tourist attraction….very famous and one day is offered a new home, in the Astrodome.

Ok, I’ve given away the plot. But Parker taps into our love of folklore and tall tales…and how much kids love stories about wishes. It carries some Texas and Houston history.  It is  funny, but also a cautionary, tale about  consequences when our wishes come true.