This out of Dallas where the Perot Museum of Nature and Science announces the discovery of a pygmy Tyrannosaur. The museum has authenticated it…the fossil of the tiny cousin of T-Rex was originally found by a Perot museum curator, north of Fairbanks, Alaska in 2006, but scientists didn’t start examining it until last year.

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It’s a pygmy because it’s only 25 feet long and probably weighed a thousand pounds.  They say the smaller size compared to its more famous T-Rex relative because of the high latitude and cool climate.  But it existed at all, because Alaskan weather above the 70th parallel was warmer in the late Cretaceous Period than it is today.   Did you get that….warmer weather in Alaska eons ago, than today.  As Matt Patrick famously says, “Whhhaaaat?”

The tyrannosaur goes on display next month.