The 100Club and its 30-thousand members have withstood a media onslaught this week.  I have personal thoughts about that…. As a lifetime member of the 100 Club and as a 30 year veteran of tv news and a former colleague of the reporter who led the charge.

The issue was the bylaws of that 61 year old charity, which state its mission is support of the DEPENDENTS OF CERTIFIED PEACE OFFICERS AND FIREFIGHTERS who die protecting us.

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That the 4 firefighters who died in a one tragic incident were all single, with no dependents, was an unprecedented situation for this charity, staffed by 4 employees and a volunteer board of 30 community leaders.

Before the board could convene to consider new policy, the tv reports seemed to demand it, using words like shame, “uncovering the situation”,  questioning the very
integrity of this selfless organization, which today amended its policy. In its continuing mission to support the community, not divide it.

It could have been handled by a simple appeal to the board….  not so-called “investigations” on the 10 o’clock news. But that doesn’t get viewers and ratings…… does it?