Democrats are blaming Bush for this invasion of the little disease-ridden darlings from Latin America.  In 2008, Bush signed a law passed by a Democrat Congress that said any minors picked up for illegal entry had to have a hearing before being deported.  Well, as you can clearly see, the flood of illegals didn’t get going until July 2012, when Obama signed his DREAM act. 



And don’t forget Los Ninos are fleeing terrible murder violence in their home countries.  Well, let’s take a look at that, too.  From 2008-2012, the murder rates per 100,000 population were as follows:

  • El Salvador: from 51.7 to 41.2 (a 20% drop).
  • Guatemala: from 46.1 to 39.9 (a 13% drop).
  • Honduras: from 60.8 to 90.4 (a 49% increase).
  • U.S. (for comparison): 5.4 to 4.7 (a 13% drop).

Unless all those kids are coming from Honduras, the “violence in Central America” excuse looks like a non-starter.

To compare to the combined rape and murder rates in some cities in the US for 2011:

  • Camden, NJ: 60.6.
  • New Orleans: 57.6.
  • Flint, MI: 50.8.
  • Detroit: 48.2.
  • Anniston, AL: 47.4.
  • Chicago, IL: 16.0—this represents the murder rate alone.  Rapes were not reported.