2010 contains all figures from the video. 

The second part is updated with more complete 2012 numbers



2010 Numbers



Robberies 2009—408,217


Black victim/white offender 2010—62,593


White victim/black offender 2010—320,082




Crime victimization survey 5X black on white vs white on black—raw numbers.  But it is misleading since blacks are only about 1/5 the number of whites in the country.  There are 197 MM whites vs 38 MM black in the US.




Adjusting for population differences, black perps commit crimes on white victims 25X the rate that whites commit on black victims.




For aggravated assault in particular the black on white rate is 200X higher than white on black.




In 2010, there were 37,500 black on white sex crimes




White on black rapes—0




800000 interracial violent crimes/yr blacks commit 85%




2012 Numbers

(From the FBI Unified Crime Report and the Census Bureau’s National Crime Victimization Survey)




White on black robbery 2012—54,360


Black on white robbery 2012—278,000


In raw numbers, blacks commit 5 times the number of crimes on white victims than white perpetrators on black victims.


However, in terms of population, there are 198 million whites (2013 Census Estimate) and 42 million black people in the US.  In other words, blacks are about 1/5th of the population of whites.


When you adjust for population, whites are 25 times more likely to be a victim of a black criminal than blacks are to be victims of white criminals.


For aggravated assault the numbers are even more stark.


Aggravated Assaults in 2012—760,739


White on black aggravated assault in 2012—17,878


Black on white aggravated assault in 2012—697,217


Accounting for population differences, a white person is 200 times more likely to be the victim of an aggravated assault committed by a black person, than a black person is likely to be of a white person.


Forcible rapes 2012—84,376


Black rapist/white victim in 2012--36,966


White rapist/black victim in 2012--0