4 May 2014

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

Post Office Box 3456

Albuquerque NM 87190

505 796 4651





ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Early voting is ready to begin for the 2014 mid-term Primary Election and the fires and fury of socialist media are hammering all the Marx their red ink can produce. Favored kommrade candidates are spewed like cess from a ruptured sewer main and everyone else pays through the nose. Except here at Aku Press, LLC. We deliver the TRUTH as we can document it. Rhetoric and 'belief' are identified as such, given as presented, and kept for future reference.


We have attempted to contact each and every candidate for each and every office within New Mexico and our return box is nearly as empty as Hillary Clinton's morals container. Nothing from any Democrat. The fight I had with NM Representative Mimi Stewart <> over the Abominable Care Tax – 10/11 December 2013 – will now come to roost as this election cycle begins to heat. At least NM Representative Stewart replied. U.S. Senator Thomas Stewart Udall (D-NM) and U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan Grishom (D-NM) did not. Obviously, Democrats don't like truth very much.


Two others, both Republican, have been in constant contact. Every phone call and every email has been answered.Their banners below are MINE, constructed with materials taken off the internet.Hyperlinks are to their respective sites, with full information and support.


Candidate for United States Senate Allen Edward Weh (R-NM);


Candidate for United States House of Representatives Richard Priem (R-NM).


This Nation needs people in both Houses of Congress that will STAND AND FIGHT! These candidates are retired military Officers with impressive histories and track records of STANDING AND FIGHTING! Successful businessmen, self-made and school-of-hard-knocks educated. Men of courage, men of honor, men of respect, men of integrity, men of renown.


To Wit: Colonel Allen Weh; a mustang Marine, decorations include the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, three Purple Hearts, five Air Medals, Legion of Merit and two Meritorious Service Medals. In 1979 he borrowed money and built a company, CSI Aviation Services, Inc., from scratch into an internationally recognized and operating air charter and leasing services company. That is a track record of one who doesn't run from a fight or lose them once engaged.


To Wit: Lieutenant Colonel Richard Priem, U.S. Army retired, has an impressive no-nonsense-no-corruption background in government operations and private industry. As project manager for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) he was responsible for putting a stop to SAIC's inflating the cost of training first responders under a grant from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. That too is a track record of one who doesn't run from a fight or lose them once engaged.


The United States Government from the Oval Office to local street cleaners is out of control. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are only worth the paper they are printed on when some elected KAK needs to hide behind them. Senator Dianne "GUN CONTROL" Feinstein (D-CA) vs the CIA being the latest noteworthy example. When her own carcass is on the line the Fourth Amendment is God, Law and Gospel, but when any citizen needs to self-defend against public or governmental threat, abuse or intrusion, the Second Amendment is terribly ANTI-Marxist and must be abolished.


With this kind of hypocritical representation, and getting worse by the minute, while we still can, citizens need to remove this current crop of socialist hypocrites, regardless of party, and replace them with those few of proven courage, honor, respect and integrity to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!


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