1.  Keep an eye on the long-term goal.  People have a tendency to get trapped in jobs just trying to pay the bills, and stop working toward their ultimate goal.

2.  Stay in a smaller home instead of trading up when you make more money.  Rather than tie up all your money and overextend yourself for a house, you can use the money for better investments.

3.  Don't burn a bridge by telling off an employer on the way out of a job.  When you're in an industry long enough, you cross paths with everyone again.

4.  Smart salary negotiation.  Since most raises are based on a percentage of your salary, make sure you get your starting salary as high as possible.

5.  Smart networking.  Meet successful people, listen to what they have to say, and stay in touch so they think of you when they have an opportunity.

6.  Be smart . . . but not too smart.  It's good to be the smartest person in the room, but the person who also praises other people's ideas and listens to what they have to say can last a lot longer.