(Daily Mail) - There's nothing more frustrating than being out with someone who just stares at their phone, totally ignoring you.  But we had no idea it was making people CHEAT on each other.

In a new survey, 45% of people said they've either cheated on their partner, or were considering it, because they pay more attention to their phone than to them.  That's almost HALF of us.

Women between 30 and 50 years old were the most likely to feel that way.

Of course, there's an underlying principle here . . . couples that stare at their phones are probably having communication and trust issues with each other ALREADY.  And CHEATING isn't really addressing those issues.

Naturally, of the people who said they'd cheat because their significant other was too obsessed with their phone . . . 66% would use their OWN phone to help find someone to cheat with.