Here are four lies that nearly every couple hears before they get married.  Living together is the same as being married . . . you won't have to worry as much about money . . . they'll adopt your beliefs . . . and you won't miss being single.

1.  "You're already living together, so it won't be that different."  Aside from the legal stuff, the biggest thing that changes after marriage is the PRESSURE.  If you're just living together, you can leave any time.  So you tend not to sweat the small stuff.

But once you're married, you're stuck.  And the other person has less incentive to make changes for your sake.  So all those little quirks become a lot harder to tolerate.


2.  "You won't have to worry as much about money."  Just because you both work doesn't mean you're going to live large from now on.  Having double the money really just means having twice as much to fight over.

3.  "After a few years, they'll come around."  People rarely change their deep-down beliefs, just to make their spouse happy.  You might get someone to go to church, or stop ranting about politics, but it doesn't mean they CHANGED.

And if you think your spouse should love you enough to change for you . . . just ask yourself why YOU haven't already changed for THEM. 

4.  "You'll have so much fun being married you'll never miss being single."  Being married is great for lots of reasons.  But freedom of choice isn't one of them. 

Once you're married, you have to take someone else into account.  FOREVER.