We know how most people buy stuff they can't afford... throw it on a credit card and make it October's problem.  Or 2014's problem.  Whatever.  You have your new TV so you're happy.  

But a new survey asked people how they buy things they can't afford right now, without going into debt or paying full price.  Here are the top five strategies people use ...

1.  Selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist specifically to raise money for the new thing they want.

2.  Making things to sell to get cash.

3.  Trading a useful skill . . . whether that means doing odd jobs to get money, or actually working for a person in exchange for the item.

4.  Trying to raise the money through a fundraising website.

5.  LYING, cheating, or somehow tricking someone into giving it to you for free or at a huge discount.