Father's Day is Sunday, so you still have time to buy a new present if you botched it.  You might actually have to walk into a store and buy it like it's 1994 or something, but at least there's time.

In a new survey, dads ranked the three WORST Father's Day gifts.  They are . . . 

3.  Socks and underwear.

2.  A tie.

1.  FORGETTING . . . or not giving him anything at all.


The BEST gifts include:  Photos of the kids, handmade gifts and cards, and just spending time with the family.

But when dads had to list gifts that actually cost money . . . in other words, the REAL gifts they want . . . they mentioned electronics, power tools, and sports gear and equipment.

If you want to go power tools, a separate survey found for the first time ever, more dads want power washers than drills.