1.  Eat.  A couple years ago a study revealed that one out of three single people would rather eat than have sex.  And a different study showed 43% of Canadians would rather have BACON than sex.

2.  Use a smartphone.  In an American survey about things people can't live without, sex finished below smartphones.

3.  Sleep.  This is more for women.  In one survey, 80% of them said they'd rather sleep than get busy.

4.  Own a plasma TV.  Almost half of men in the UK would give up sex for six months to get a 50-inch plasma TV.

5.  Drink hot chocolate.  There was one study where 70 percent of Irish women said they'd take a cup of hot chocolate over having sex.

6.  Go solo.  More than 40% of women say they like pleasuring themselves better than doing it with a partner. 

7.  Catch up on paperwork.  Seems like you'd need to be a pretty terrible lover to lose out to a pile of paperwork.  But in the UK, women said they prefer the paperwork.

8.  Read a book.  In the paperwork study, women also said they'd rather read a book than have sex.