According to some new career job advice, if you want to rise to the top in your career, make sure you have an ally in the company . . . learn how to negotiate . . . don't waste time on haters . . . and never say "I can't".

1.  Try to be in charge.  If they need someone to be a leader, volunteer. 

2.  Find an ally higher up than you.  You need someone who's going to talk you up when it comes to promotions and raises.

3.  Request a transfer.  This is risky, but if your company is starting up in a new market, it's a great way to prove yourself.

4.  Learn how to negotiate.  Never apologize when you ask for a raise.  And do your research first so you know what you're worth.

5.  Switch to a better industry.  If your current job is in a sector that's floundering, transfer to one where there's room for growth.  Check out companies where they hire more people than they fire.

6.  Don't waste time on haters.  If you're ambitious, you'll make a few enemies, so don't worry about drama.  Focus on your ambition and where it's taking you.

7.  Never say "I can't."  Whatever your boss asks of you, just say yes.  You'll figure out how you'll do it later.  

(Marie Claire)