1.  "Are you really going to eat all that?"  Obviously if you ask this, you might as well just call her fat.

2.  "Who's your friend?"  Maybe you're just trying to be polite, but your girlfriend might interpret it another way:  That you think her friend is hot.  And let's face it . . . that's probably why you asked.

3.  "You're crazy."  Once you're in a relationship, maybe.  But when you're just starting out, those words are poison to women.

4.  "Can I kiss you?"  Don't ask, just do it.  Confidence is sexy, and asking for a kiss is polite . . . but not confident.

5.  "But the game is on."  Most women are pretty understanding when it comes to men and sports.  But if you're constantly using "the game" as an excuse to get out of doing something, it's going to get annoying fast.

6.  "Are you ready yet?"  Just remember:  She's taking that long to get ready so she can look good for YOU.