A lot of men end up in relationships with women who are out of their league.  That's not just true in CBS sitcoms, it's also true in real life.

According to a new survey, 60% of men say they're in a relationship with, or married to, a woman who's more attractive than them.  Only 25% of women say they're with a man who's better looking than them.

One in three men said they like being with a more attractive woman because they know it makes other guys jealous.

The survey also found the top qualities that men believe helped them land a more attractive woman.  The big ones are:  Being funny . . . being a good listener . . . having nice manners . . . sensitivity . . . and having a good smile.

Some other traits that give you an edge are:  Intelligence, cooking skills, dancing skills, being able to have a good conversation, being well-travelled, and smelling good. 

Although, things like having money, knowing good pick-up lines, being good in bed, and having good hair also got a lot of votes.