Someone's going to post a vacation photo every single time you go on Facebook this summer.  So since we're secretly jealous of them . . . let's judge them.

A new survey came up with the 10 most ANNOYING types of photos people post from their vacations.  Check 'em out ...

1.  A screenshot of your iPhone screen showing the temperature.

2.  Selfies.

3.  "Hot dog legs" . . . that's when you take a photo lying on the beach with your knees up so your tan legs look like two hot dogs.

4.  Jumping.

5.  Pretending to hold up a building, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

6.  Your name written in the sand.

7.  Your head sticking through a hole in one of those wooden boards with bodies painted on them, so it looks like you've got the body of a mermaid or carnival strongman.

8.  Sunsets.

9.  Blue skies and palm trees.

10.  Food or drinks.