It's the time of year when I get many requests for springtime speaking engagements. It also seems to be the time when many folks want to finally attack their lawn and landscape problems but have no clue where to begin. So, this week I'm covering the things I do outside the GardenLine radio show — speaking gigs and Randy Lemmon Consulting.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - I'm open to speaking at a myriad of events. Plant sales, garden club meetings, homeowner association meetings ... any group, for that matter. Speaking engagements can be arranged directly with me. Fees are based on the size of the group and the distance I have to travel. As long as the event isn't on a Saturday or Sunday, just SEND ME AN E-MAIL. Please be sure to put "SPEAKER REQUEST" in the subject line, provide some info on the event, and explain what you want me to do (speak, act as an emcee, etc.). From that, I'll be able to determine the rate. I am booking spring events now and probably will continue through October or November. If you still need a speaker for a fall event, I have a few remaining open dates, so it may be worth inquiring. As we say in our house, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

CONSULTING (Randy Lemmon Consulting)- Many people want to do landscaping and lawn work themselves but don't know where to begin. Others move into a new house that's gone a long time without proper care, and just don't know what to do. That's why I do three types of consulting:

  1. Verbal - I come by your place for an hour or two, you have all your questions lined up, we go over all of them together, and you take copious notes. I also provide a private email address for follow-up questions.
  2. Written or Email Consultation - I come by for an hour or two, but I take all the notes. Then, I put together a detailed and personalized action plan for your landscape.
  3. Industrial/Horticultural - Municipalities, businesses and large-scale property owners get written reports detailing either preservation of what they have or details of what's required of them to meet certain horticultural goals. I've done these reports for local businesses, municipalities, counties, and even statewide entities. These are the most detailed consultations and carry larger price tags.

The verbal version is probably the least expensive option with the quickest turnaround. Written consultations are usually twice the price of verbal consultations, because of the extensive report involved. Both, however, are intended for true do-it-yourselfers with landscapes that are a bit daunting. But keep in mind, Randy Lemmon Consulting is not a landscape design firm. We just assist with existing landscapes, helping you figure out what stays and what goes, what works and what doesn't, and how to solve specific problems like disease, insects or poor practices. If you are interested in either, just SEND ME AN E-MAIL. Be sure to put CONSULTING REQUEST in the subject line.

If you have a request that doesn't fall into either the speaker or consultation category, that's okay. Just drop me a note at I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing about how I can help you.