mulchbookThis week, I'm asking my nearly 20,000 weekly e-blast subscribers to help me out.

Lately, I've been getting slammed on the GardenLine Facebook page with the most basic of mulch questions. While I regularly post a lot of stuff on Facebook, I have to admit I don't answer questions there on a daily basis. But longtime GardenLine fans do offer solutions for some of the more basic queries, and I love to see that.

So, first let me ask if you have "liked" the GardenLine Facebook page. We're sitting close to 9,000, but that's not quite half the number of my email subscribers.

I'm pretty sure the majority of e-blast subscribers can preach the GardenLine gospel to all those Facebook newbies, so if more subscribers liked the page and helped out with answers, that would be great.

Email subscribers who are familiar with our Facebook page have already seen that each week's newsletter gets posted on Facebook (and in this blog) the day after it's sent. Since I'm getting lots of very basic mulch questions on Facebook, I thought it would be smart to post a mulch overview there. So, this week's tip is just that: a compilation of just about everything I've written about mulch in recent years. I hope that info can make exchanges like the one below unnecessary. It was innocently asked on a Facebook post that had nothing to do with mulch.

Beth G: Randy, how can I keep weeds out of my flower beds?
Randy: A good, thick layer of mulch always works for me!
Beth G: But there's mulch already in my soil. Why isn't it working?
Randy: The mulch-like material in the soil is not what I mean by mulch. That's probably rose soil! Have you ever seen any of my tip sheets on mulch and their uses?
Beth G: I didn't see any "tip sheets" on the Facebook page!
Randy: I'm talking about the ones on or
Beth G: Oh, I didn't know you did anything other than this FB page!

So, Beth didn't know about my weekly tip sheets, this blog, my books, or even that I did a radio show! Sadly, her question came two days after the "$10 per cubic yard" mulch deal from Living Earth last month. So, I sent her to and suggested she do a keyword search for "mulch." If she did, here are the important tip sheets, all about mulch, she would've seen:

Ten Commandments of Mulch
The Whole Chapter on Mulch (From my book that's out of print)
Termites Not Tempted by Most Mulches
Never Use Rubber Mulches in Landscapes
Don't Use Dyed or Ash-Infused Mulch Either

If you haven't yet "liked" us on Facebook, please do it now. We're only about 1,000 away from our goal of 10,000 fans, and I promise you'll get way more info there than can be crammed into one tip sheet or blog posting per week.