(Cleveland, OH)  --  Disturbing details are coming to light in the Cleveland kidnapping case.  The "New York Times" reports a relative of former captive Gina DeJesus says the suspect in the case, Ariel Castro, would give cake to his prisoners on the anniversary of their abductions.  The relative said, quote, "he would celebrate their abduction day as their new birthday." 

A police source says captive Michelle Knight was beaten repeatedly when she became pregnant to prompt miscarriages.  However, when fellow captive Amanda Berry became pregnant, Castro allegedly threatened to kill Knight if Knight didn't help Berry give birth to her daughter. 

Another new detail is how Knight and another captive, Gina DeJesus, reacted when police arrived at the Cleveland home where they'd been held captive for around a decade.  Police had their guns drawn when they entered the home.  When they identified themselves as police, Knight and DeJesus leapt into the arms of their rescuers, thanking them for ending their ordeal.