During President Barack Obama’s counter-terrorism speech on Thursday he did something that hasn’t yet been done by the administration — at least not so overtly. He referred to the Fort Hood shooting as an act that was “inspired by larger notions of violent jihad.” That is big step toward dubbing the attack an act of terror instead of “workplace violence” as it has been categorized.

“Deranged or alienated individuals — often U.S. citizens or legal residents — can do enormous damage. Particularly when inspired by larger notions of violent jihad.” Obama said during the speech. “That pull towards extremism appears to have led to the shooting at Fort Hood and the bombing of the Boston Marathon.”

By linking the Boston bombing, which has officially been called terrorism, with Fort Hood, Obama essentially admitted that the former is a comparable act that could (or should) be given the same designation. This is notable for a number of reasons.

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