Could things be winding down for the love affair with zombies

The crowd was still good-sized for yesterday’s charity benefit Houston Zombie Walk.  Movies, television shows – it’s been a pretty good run for the folks who really can’t run. 

Darren Thompkins heads what he calls The Horde – and he could be looking at the end.

“I think we might have, maybe one more season,” he says.  “Now, I think the Walking Dead is going to be extremely popular to the end of time, but Hollywood doesn’t have any films coming up, or anything like that.”

He says “The Walking Dead” started the zombie trend.

“That kind of started the zombie trend,” Thompkins says, “because it seems like every generation has its own trend that is just uber-popular, whether it’s vampires, which just kind of hit its peak and died out a little bit, then you have werewolves and all that.”

The next trend looks like it could be comic book super-heroes.  They’re hot now, just like the last two – werewolves and zombies.