A new survey from the U.K. says kids are smarter than adults, when it comes to modern technology.

The survey from communications watchdog group Ofcom, found that 6-year-olds are more understanding of modern technology that 45-year-olds.  This is most likely due to the overwhelming number of technologies that kids are exposed to daily including while in school.

Smart phones, tablets, and computers are all being used with younger and younger children for teaching aids as well as pacifiers.  Josh Golin with the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood says we are living in a time much different from when new technologies like the television and radio were invented, "What we're seeing now is really a complete transformation of childhood.  Where almost everything is mediated through a screen."

Golin also says he doesn't put much stock into the claim that a 6-year-old is better with modern technology than a 45-year-old since 45-year-olds grew up with computers.

To find out if your tech-savvy click here to take Ofcom's Digital Quotient (DQ) test.