If you’ve been complaining about how high gas prices have been lately, you’re not the only one. Plenty of people are. But there is good news. You won’t be complaining much longer, at least for the rest of this year.

That’s because the pain you are feeling at the pump is about to get a lot better.

“We believe we are approaching the peak price for 2014,” Gas Buddy’s Gregg Laskoski told KTRH. “We think we may see it sometime within the next couple of weeks.”

And when they do peak, Laskoski says you’ll notice something that will give you a big smile.

“When they peak, it’s only going to be a small increase from where we are now,” Laskoski said.

And he also notes that prices in Texas, and especially here in Houston, have leveled off lately.

“We’ve seen very little movement pricewise. The Houston average hasn’t changed much in the last week even though it is up seven cents from where it was a month ago,” Laskoski explained.

Laskoski says the reasons for what we are seeing include lower crude oil prices and the shale boom. The average around Houston this morning was $3.43 a gallon.

Now, with the higher prices, you'd think that electric car sales would be off the charts right? That's not the case according to the new numbers.

“The electric cars are attractive but are very expensive. People have to think about that. It is not an impulse purchase,” Laskoski stated.

In fact the Toyota Prius just barely made the list of America's best selling cars for April. Their sales were down almost 20% from where they were in April of 2013.