If you imagine your retirement will be traveling around in an RV winning barbeque cook offs, you may be in for a rude surprise. Experts say you probably won't put away enough money to do that.

Financial planner Jack Swanda of PM Financial in Omaha says most of his clients have two big issues.

"Well the first thing is they're not starting with enough money; they haven't planned ahead enough and they haven't saved enough. The other thing is they don't seem to be willing to adjust their lifestyle so they can live within their means."

Swanda says you can't start planning the year before you retire.

"The time to start looking at that is probably a good five to ten years before you plan to retire."

Plus, Swanda points out there’s a psychological aspect of retirement you may not have considered.

"Every day is Saturday and after a while that gets pretty old. So you need to be very intentional about what you plan to do with your time after you retire; whether it be volunteer -- maybe it's continue to work part-time in some area you're passionate about. It can be very rewarding."

Many of us want to retire too early. 65 may have been good enough for previous generations, but 70 is more like it now.