Your privacy has been under attack for years. Cell phones are vulnerable. E-mails are at risk. And now, the risk is global.

Governments around the world are being offered the ability to track you if you carry a cell phone. It doesn't matter if you're in the Galleria or in Europe. John Peha is the former White House scientific advisor and told KTRH it's fairly easy to get this technology.

“Someone can see where you’re going and know where you are at all times. This isn’t just the phone company. This is anyone who can afford the service,” Peha, who is now a professor at Carnegie Melon University, said.

“This means that foreign governments, criminal or terrorist organizations can now exactly where you are. And that’s very troubling,” Peha continued.

This new technology works because all cellular networks keep detailed records of where you are when you make a call. Peha says there's only one way to make sure you don't get tracked.

“If you don’t have a cell phone they can’t track you. If you don’t use the internet they can’t track your email. But that’s a hard way to live in 2014,” Peha stated.

Ultimately, our government will have to get involved if we want this to stop.

“We need the cell phone companies and government agencies to protect our privacy for us,” Peha said.

In other privacy news, if you've ever used the app 'Secret' which says you can post confessions without giving your name, well that app was hacked, and your anonymity isn't guaranteed.