When you apply for a loan, your lender may be checking your Facebook page, or Twitter postings, before making a decision.

Some experts are troubled by that level of scrutiny.  Laith Daik is president of Houston-based Texas Loan Star.  He says his company doesn't do that, but he's not surprised that it might happen.

“We, as a company, I have never heard of mining social media for details on a customer,” Daik says, “but, with everything that's happening in this market, it doesn't surprise me.”

It can also happen to small businesses who are applying.  If their Facebook page is getting a lot of likes, it could mean they are responding to customers and are poised for growth.

If this happens to you, you shouldn’t be surprised.

“When you apply for a mortgage in this day and age,” he says, “you're really opening up yourself, your complete financial life, to the lender that is making the loan.”