If you think your grocery bill is expensive now, the experts say that if you wait just a few months, what you’re paying now might look like a bargain.

Lone Star College economics professor Hank Lewis says if you want to blame anyone for what's about to happen to your wallet, blame Mother Nature.

“Unexpected changes in the weather affect the producers of goods and services. We’ve seen increased costs for water. Farmers are planting smaller crops for things like corn, wheat and other types of grains,” Lewis explained.

“Long lasting winter means you can’t plant until later, which means smaller crops,” Lewis told KTRH.

And the winter we just had here in Houston qualifies as unexpected. The spot price for US Foodstuffs is already up 19%. As for what we're in for at the supermarket, well you may not like it.

“We’ll see the price of bread, milk and certain types of meat go up by 5-10% or more,” Lewis stated.

And you'll feel even more pain if you go out to eat.

“I would not be surprised if restaurant food didn’t jump up by 20-25%,” Lewis said.

His advice is to clip or print out those coupons, and consider shopping for the basics at discount places like Walmart.