Your email can kill you! No, actually it can't. Despite silly claims of what's been dubbed "email apnea," doctors say there's no truth to the claim breathing is dangerously altered while sitting in front a keyboard.

Dr. Richard Castriotta is a sleep specialist at Houston's UT Health Science Center.

"This is not a killer. I can tell you there's no basis to this at all."

Dr. Castriotta says the human body will not allow itself to suffer from any kind of apnea while it's awake.

"You can safely continue to get engrossed in your emails and there will be no physiologic or pathologic consequences."

Supporters of email apnea, perhaps hoping to justify some sort of future lawsuit, say 80% of us may be affected, suffering excessive sweating, an increased heart rate and dilated pupils.

But Dr. Castriotta says doesn't make sense.

"If we hold our breath, we can't hold it for too long -- long enough to cause any problems. Our own physiologic defense mechanisms take over to start breathing again."


"Email Apnea" by Linda Stone, Wisdom 2.0 Conference from Wisdom 2 Conference on Vimeo.