If you’re one of the many in the Houston area that are considered mega-commuters; people who travel 50 miles to and from work each day, you might want to pay attention to what a new Swedish study has said.

Your daily commute could kill your marriage.

According to the study it's 40% more likely to fall apart if your ride to work is 45 minutes or longer. But relationship expert Jennifer Styers isn't buying it.

“Everybody commutes today. It just seems to say more about the state of the marriage than anything,” Styers told KTRH. “There are underlying factors there. There is something else going on. There is stress in the marriage.

The study also says you should be even more concerned if the person in the relationship doing the commuting is a woman.

“Maybe women resent the fact they have to drive that far. The only thing I can attribute that to is stress,” Styers said. “There’s an obligation to take care of the family when she gets home, so she never gets to relax. The stress can be overwhelming.”

So guys, what can you do?

Could money and/or sex save your marriage?

“Share the burden. If both parties are working come up with a plan where each partner picks up something for dinner,” Styers stated.

Or, find a way to make the commute more productive.

“I would use that time to listen to something positive. Make it an enjoyable time,” Styers explained.

But overall, Styers says if the marriage is falling apart over your commute to work, there are other issues in your marriage.

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