Coffee used to be so easy because it came with so few choices: black, cream, sugar?  Instant?

But today, with a Starbucks on every corner and inside grocery stores, the number of choices has increased exponentially. 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula was asked by Dr. Oz to examine the habits of coffee drinkers and see if there was a link between their choices and personality types. In fact she did.

“The folks who drink black coffee are the straight shooters,” Dr. Durvasula told KTRH News.  “They’re not going to spend that much of their morning ordering coffee.  And what we see is an abrupt style, they were less likely to even want to stop and help people.”

People who order decaf, or soy milk, or any very specifically ordered coffee were all combined into one group.  They like to be in control, and are sometimes labeled as selfish.  They tend to make healthy choices and over-focus on rules.

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“Latte drinkers were found to be a little more sensitive.  They tend to be much more linked into their social network.  And they were taking more time to get their coffee a certain way,” Durvasula continued.

Those who like chilled or frozen coffee?  “Those are the children at heart,” she said. “Because let’s face it.  Iced coffee is more a desert than a coffee.  What you often see are people who are a little more extroverted.”  They also don’t always make healthy choices.

And those who still favor instant coffee?  “One thing that emerged is that they are procrastinators.  These are people that couldn’t even get their time together to make a cup of coffee.  They were even more rushed and more abrupt than the black coffee drinkers.”

So the next time you pull up to a Starbucks window, think about it, what does your choice say about you?