Cars are just built better these days, and the economy may have drivers hanging on to them longer.  KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says if you just listen to your car and notice things, you can extend its useful life.

“There's no doubt, people are keeping them longer,” Reynolds says, “and I think part of that is the economy, but the other part is - they are lasting longer.  It's not hard to get 200 thousand miles out of a car these days with just routine maintenance.”

Reynolds says you play a role in making your car last longer.  “Know the sounds, know the smells, know how it handles,” he explains.  “And, when you see something that's different, get it looked at, because a lot of time things that you can catch early on, that aren't expensive, turn into very expensive repairs.”

When Hyundai first started offering a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty on its power train, it put the pressure on.  It said that company believed in its product.

Reynolds says, “The Japanese came over here to the United States and forced the automakers to do a better job and to be competitive - and that's great news for the American consumer.”