While the Republican Party is hoping to take back control of the Senate in the midterm elections this November, a new survey has many in the party concerned about the future.

A new poll done by Pew says half of all millennials call themselves political independents. And fifty percent of them say they lean towards the Democratic Party. John Griffing of the Houston Young Republicans is concerned.

“Young people don’t think they have a seat at the table,” Griffing told KTRH. If you look at the Democratic Party, there is no age barrier. Everybody is in the same meetings and working towards the same goal.”

The new Chair-Elect of the Harris County Republican Party, Paul Simpson agrees with Griffing, and told KTRH there are ways to get millennials into the fold.

“Many of them are religious. We have to reach them and make it clear to them that they don’t have a home in the other party,” Simpson said.

Simpson, who defeated long time Harris County Republican Party Chair Jared Woodfill, also says the Republicans need to show millennials the benefits of private enterprise.

“We need to show how free markets, individual liberty and private enterprise will enhance their future,” Simpson explained.

And he says he's already working to do this on the national level.

“I’m already in touch with folks on the national level,” Simpson said. We’re going to make a strong effort and will make Harris County in many ways a model for the nation of how we can have an urban Republican Party.”