More and more employers are scrutinizing what they find online when looking at prospective employees.

According to "On Device Research" one in ten job seekers is rejected because of their posts on social media.  Getting in trouble for your online activity is nothing new, just look at embroiled New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.  

Social media expert Chris Kraft says it could be a rude awakening for young people who are used to posting outlandish content online, seeking attention, "now that they're (young people) looking at getting into colleges and some getting into the job market they are going to have to rethink that approach."

Kraft also says because social media like Facebook and Twitter store content for the foreseeable future, some young people are now turning to other social networks like Snapchat, that delete posts after the recipient views them.

Kraft recommends that young people think before they post.  He says people should remember that pictures and comments reflect on you and employers are using social media to judge the character of prospective employees.