The rumor mill is running wild again about the next iPhone. Most think it'll have a larger screen and there may be two new models when it's released -- possibly this summer. But what about the future of cell phones in general?

Dan Seifert is with tech site The Verge. He says part of the future is more voice control.

"Android's is a lot better, in all honesty. It's much faster to recognize your voice and figure out what you wanna do with your voice control."

But the idea of imbedding your phone under your skin may be a bad idea.

"We don't wanna be having surgery every six months to upgrade that."

Seifert says wearable tech may be where it's at.

"Store data and communicate with other accessories and devices with just a temporary tattoo on your body."

Seifert thinks smart phone watches may be big -- if batteries are greatly improved.

"I think the biggest thing holding back a full smart phone on your wrist goes back to that battery technology -- unless someone can figure out a battery that can last a really long time and provide the power necessary to support a full smart phone experience."